December 7th Is Right Around The Corner, And It's Hitting Me So Hard.. =

so it kinda really sucks that he leaves in fifteen days.. i knew he had to go before we we started dating. i knew it would be hard, but i didn't know it would be this hard. i cry every day just thinking about it. i hate it. i have break downs in school. it's embarrassing, but i cant help it. i know i'm not the only person going through this, but at the same time i feel like i am the only one in this situation. he told me the other day that he wont be back home between basic and tech school.. right as he told me that i started crying.. it makes it even harder since he won't be here for Christmas.. New Y?Years.. Valentine's Day.. and my 17th birthday. i really need a lot of help and support to get me through this with out going crazy! i know that keeping busy will help me so much, and i am trying to. but no matter what i do or where i am i constantly think of him. lately all we have been doing is arguing, and it makes me really upset. and i know it makes him that way too.. but we both have a lot on our plates right now. this kinda doesn't make any sense anymore.. but i just want to be assured that i'll be okay and i have someone to talk to. so please someone give me advice or just let me know that i have someone to talk to. really, all i want is assurance .. 



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thanks guys! all of your support means so much to me!<3 i feel that everything is harder for me than other people in this situation because i have sever depression, but at the same time i know i'm not the only one who has it.. we have only been together for two months today actually :) i know arguing right now isn't a very good thing to do.. but we sorta do it often.. everytime we get through it ! so i know that makes it all better :) last night he looked me straight in the eyes and told me how much he was going to miss me, then started crying, it was soo cute! and right then and there i knew how much i meant to him<3 i really appreciate everyone on here and all of you're help<3 it means a lot to me :)

The biggest thing going into a military relationship is trust. You have to make sure that there is a lot of trust there. How long have you and your boyfriend been together?<br />
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In a lot of ways I know how you feel. I am only 17 years old and I go through the same things at school. Ill hit break downs and everything else in front of people and thats really hard to put up with. Especially considering in high school there arent a lot of people who understand. That is why I joined this site. It helps out a lot and you will find tons of support and can meet some great friends. Ill always be here if you need me.<br />
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I met my soldier after he had already went through basic and AIT. Being away from them is so hard but you will start to realize its the little things that mean the most. Ya they do miss things like anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and things like that. But when you start getting letters, hearing their voices on the phone for the first time after they leave, everything becomes so much stronger and worth so much more. Just remember your his girlfriend. You will become Army Strong together. In my personal opinion there is nothing better in this world then falling in love with a soldier. There is such a sense of pride in that :) If you need anything let me know.

It will be hard and you will miss him alot but it will only get better =] Once you get your first phone call and hear his voice all the struggle will be worth it =] I understand what you are going through lol and you can talk to me any time ! =]Dont argue with him either that will only make things harder if you must just try and talk with him and clear any heat between the two of you before he leaves he needs to know that you suport him becaue trust me hes nervous and scared to be leaving too and he needs you.