5 Months Left

Hey Girls ! My bf is a infantry soldier and he went to basic training at ft. Benning and finished in March. He came home and got sick so i couldn't see him because i was still on my permit and he wasn't home long. So it was good to have him home and then he left to go to West Point Military School before continuing on to Advanced Training. He is still there currently and he will be there for another 5 months before he gets to come home. I do not know when he goes back to advanced training for infantry but I do know that he gets deployed my first year of college which isn't for another year and a half about... but the whole point is that my bf is basically gone most of the time and it's hard at times but at the same time, it's rewarding and it feels good to love a soldier and be by his side through everything. I love my soldier more than anything in this world and he is my life. I don't know what i would do if i would to ever loose him. Lately my life alone has been very stressful and eventful and each time i get to hear from my boyfriend which is like once a week about it is so good to hear from him, but also makes me miss him more. I am very excited to see my soldier again. Army life is not an easy life. So the moral of all of this is keep strong while your soldier is away and cherish every moment that you have with him. :D It is worth it in the end.

Good Luck and Keep Army Strong :D
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AWW your soldier is lucky to have you. I wish I could stay as positive as you! Thanks for sharing