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Hello, my name is Kandas and I'm pretty much new to the whole being an Army Girlfriend thing. Its been a crazy emotional rollercoaster for me. One minute I'm laughing, smiling, and happy. The next minute I'm crying, depressed, and in a bad mood. It scares me that maybe I'm not strong enough for this military life. But, so far I am doing pretty good. The letters I've received from him have helped me alot. I've gotten one phone call on September 3. I think he called this past Sunday but, I was at work and have to turn my phone off, errr :(. He graduates October 11 and family day is October 10 so, I'll be able to see him those two days. Yay! I can't wait :) But, anyways I'm looking for friends that are in the same boat I am in. I really don't have any friends anymore, my boyfriend is my bestfriend. I'm looking for somebody I could talk to when I'm having worries about being an Army girlfriend and for some advice. I would also just like to have a friend I could talk to about other things also. But, I would also like to give advice its something I love doing. I've always wanted to go to school for counseling. HaHa my boyfriend saids, "oh boy" to that idea because I don't have too much patience for children. But, anywho message me :)
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His letters..writing him everyday...writing on his fb wall everyday sorta makes you feel like your actually talking to him..staying busy with work

My boyfriend leaves this Wednesday and I get so sad every time I see him. I just want these next few months to go by fast. Is there things that helped you get through it?

Thank you :) I know I am going to be a mess when I see him..I'll be crying like a baby. So, do you guys live together? I was wondering because I've recently found out that my b/f won't be allowed to live off post unless he is ranked above E-4 and our plan was to get a place off of post. Which obviously that won't be happening cause we aren't married.

Hey! Sorry it took me a couple days to respond to this...I have been super busy the last few days. Thank God for that bc it keeps my mind off things :) Before my boyfriend left for deployment we did live together for a little while and the plan is for us to get a place together when he gets back to the states. He is an E-5 so he does have the chance to live off post. Is your boyfriend up for promotion any time soon? Even if he technically has to "live" on post you know he will come to your place all the time haha

Well, he was suppossed to start off as E-3..but, for some reason his pay is starting off as an E-1..he said by the time he is done with AIT he'll be promoted..but, not to E-5..how long does it take for them to get to E-5?

it depends on the specialty...it took my boyfriend a while to get to an E-5 bc of the job he does. He had to wait for there to be an opening. So I don't really know to be honest haha

Dont let it break you apart! I will never let the Army win in that sense haha. The best advice that I can give you as far as that comes is ALWAYS communicate. There will be times where you want to scream your head off and when you are mad at him for the only reason that he is in the service. There will be times where he will get mad at you for getting to live a civilian life. I learned the hard way that freaking out is not the way to go. I have been so much happier and more secure with the realationship now that we talk things through and just be there for each other. You will be the most important person in the world to him...dont ever forget that. AND when you see him in a week or so make sure to look at his face and remember the expression on his face...it will bring a smile to your face every time you think about it

Well, it will be two months from Sunday that I've seen my b/f. So, far I think its made him appreciate me more. He said if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have made it as far these past 8 weeks. Its made us stronger say the least. I get to see him a week from next Wednesday, yay :) But, idk where this going to lead us and hopefully it doesn't break us apart..we both said we think we're the one for each other...but, we will see.

I definitely will thanks! Yeah, he says he is getting out after 15 BUT at that point he might as well go for 20 haha. I honestly don't think he will ever get out and I am ok with that...when I first started seeing him my friend told me that I had to understand that I would be second to the Army...and its true but I am ok with that :)

Thanks if you need somebody to talk to you can always message me also..

Oh really wow! I'm not going to lie I hope my b/f is only doing the 8 years..4 active then 4 inactive.

Yes he has been in for 12 years now...I had never dated anyone in the military before. If you need someone to chat with Im here for ya!

Was he in the military before you started dating?

I can so relate to what you are saying...I think my boyfriend goes nuts sometimes when we are able to chat on the phone bc I can be going on and on about how great my day was and then burst into tears for no reason bc I miss him. I am pretty new to all this stuff too...I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and he has been deployed for 7 of those months...so not that I can give too much advice but I can definitely pass along what I have learned from others to you :)

Thanks :) when are you guys getting married?

When my fiancé was first at training I did the same thing. Id cry one minute then smile the next, but now we're happily planning our wedding. Just stay confident and it'll all work out