A Question For All You Military Girlfriends Out There

So, earlier my uncle was talking about how I'll never move out and get my own place. I said, "yes I am once we figure out what's going on with Fabrice" (my b/f whose in BCT) He said, " Yeah right, you guys aren't going to be together long enough for that." Which he pissed me off by saying that. I said, "yes we are, plenty of military relationships make it." He said, "yeah right once he gets stationed you won't ever see him again." I told him, " yes, I will see him again." Then he said, "So, you really think you guys are going to make it?" I said, "uhmmm yes I do!" and then he said, "Well, I don't think so". It was bad enough that I have already been worried that my boyfriend would find somebody else. Now, he just made me worry even more. How many of you have family members that say stuff like that? Also, how do you handle it?
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1 Response Sep 29, 2012

omg really? I HATE when people say stuff like that!! My immediate family is pretty supportive for the most part. I do have one aunt who cannot keep her mouth shut half the time, but she has been divorced 3 times so I always just snap back with that haha. My friends though are the WORST critics sometimes...I understand that it is just them being over protective, but it is not something that I would like to hear. One thing that I have learned is that there has to be a LOT of communciation and trust in a military relationship. Of course there are the stereotypes that military men are a bunch of cheating liars. And yes there are a lot of them out there like that. But there are also a lot of civilian males who cheat on their significant others and lie all the time. So basiaclly it just comes down to finding a good guy...military or not. I say talk to your boyfriend (the next time you get to) about some concerns you have...Im sure his response will put you at ease :) Don't let others make you think that something is happening if its not.