Need Advice

So, I just got back last night from seeing my boyfriend for the first time in two months. The first day was going fine until he bought a new phone and of course he was busy on Facebook. Which upsetted me because its like you haven't seen me in two months can't you wait until Friday to go on facebook? I don't know Family day had good times and bad times. Plus, I wasn't in a good mood cause I didn't have any sleep for over 24 hours. Well, Graduation day went alot better..he was able to leave post and we went to go see a movie...there was a few Army Soldiers there already..and as some people know your not allowed to show any type of public display of affection..well, he didn't follow that rule..but, he kept saying it was all worth it if he got in trouble. When we were about to drop him off he said, "I miss you already.." but, as we were saying our goodbyes it seemed like he was rushing for me to leave he just gave me a quick hug and kiss...Now, his text messages have been real short like maybe three word replies and stuff. So, I had to ask him like do you not want to be with my anymore or something? He asked what would make me ask that and of course he still wants to be with me. I don't know he is just acting different and its scarying me. Did anybody else go through this with their boyfriend when they were transitioning from BCT to AIT?
Kandaslr91 Kandaslr91
18-21, F
Oct 14, 2012