Any Advice?

Hey everyone.... The man I have been dating for 6 months left for Afghanistan 3 weeks ago. I'm technically not even his "girlfriend" because he said he didn't want to "tie me down" while he was away. We may have not been seeing one another very long, but I have absolutely fallen 100% in love with this man.

I am going to wait 10 months for him to come home at the chance of getting to date him properly. Some say I'm crazy for this, but he's so worth it. I went to visit him on his 2-day leave right before his deployment and there wasn't a doubt in my mind about waiting for him.

I'm relatively new to all of this Army stuff, so I thought I'd join a forum or two to help me vent or to get advice from... I don't really have anyone like that in my life and it would be great to talk to women going through the same thing.

I know some may think I'm being naive, but I am fully prepared for the tough road ahead. When I went to see him off, a bunch of the army wives gave me dirty looks as if I was nothing to them which really hurt my feelings. In a way I can understand because I am sure they've seen their fair share of men receive "Dear John" letters, but I am not one of those girls.

I am so beyond proud of him and want to prove to him that some of us women are more than willing to wait. It's his second deployment so he's said to me how he doesn't believe in the romantic promise anymore after having seen people getting divorce papers and dear john letters last time. I'm not that girl though and won't do that to him.

I guess my biggest question is: is there any advice anyone can give me to prove to him I'm here waiting for him?

I told him I was in love with him before he left. I have told him over and over how I'm going to be waiting for when he gets home. When I write him letters all I do is write about positive things and how much I miss him. Is there anything else I can do? I want to make his 10 months there as best as I can for him. I want him to feel like he has someone here supporting him and anticipating his arrival.

Thanks so much. Any little thing will help :)
GonnaProve2Him GonnaProve2Him
22-25, F
Nov 8, 2012