They Don't Understand

My friends just don't understand why I do it, how can i keep holding on? all i hear is why why why. I never respond to that question because for more that i'll try to explain they will never understand. Noone knows how it is to be a Army girlfriend/fiancee/wife. I've been going through so much with my soldier and it just tears me apart that I have nobody to talk to, someone who understands. me n my soldier have been dating for a year and a half but this past weeks we haven't talked. Every once in a while since he has exercise and a new one coming up that he might deploy to Japan for it. Im strong and keeping my head up but sometimes its not enough. I need friends. And i will always be here for you if you're in need.
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Im here for you girl, I know exactly what your feeling. I asked a girlfriend to come to the Bar with me one time cause I was super upset and not even an hour in she left to go have sex with her "boy toy" not what I wanted. Or I call and they never respond. I wake up in the morning and cry, its really tough being away from someone you love more then anything, but it feels good to know that at this point they honestly have more love for you then you do for them, having to be around a WHOLE bunch of dudes all day! (sausage fest)!!!!!! jk... But i am here for you so if you ever wanna follow up on your life or anything please feel free to message me or you can get my number! Enjoy life, smile, and always ALWAYS let your man know your here supporting him and you love him!!!!

I'm feeling this way too. Being in a military relationship is the hardest thing I have ever done and few People know what that is like. My friends will neve feel this emptiness that i feel that is impossible to explain unless you are going through the same thing. I would also absolutely love having friends on this site I can vent to who actually know what I am going through and know how to respond. I wish you the best of luck girl! Just remember to always stay strong and you can do this!

Thank you. I really need a advice. Lots has happened that i cant handle it anymore

I understand what you are going through.
My friends didn't approve of my starting a relationship with my boyfriend in the first place, that was pre-army. They have been unsupportive and rude.
after he joined, nothing changed. It hurts because I only two good friends and they were and are trying to get me to break up with him and don't understand why I am with him.
One of my friends, her boyfriend is in the National Guard-Reserves. I was there for her when he went to AIT. It was during the summer and I would go to her house and get her out of her bed so she wasn't at home crying all day.
When he went to drills one weekend a month, i would stay with her so she wouldn't be lonely.
There are a lot of rumors about him cheating on her, since they first got together up till now, but i am always there for her and supportive no matter happens.
I just wish she could do the same.
She tries to undermine relationship, like I don't know what I am getting into. But her boyfriend is always home because he is reserves.
My boyfriend is active so he won't be home after AIT.
Lots of times I wish I had someone to talk to about things I am going through, but I can't talk to my friends because they try to turn it on me or just refuse to listen.
It hurts.
It's nice knowning that once this is all done and over, i will get to be with him whenever I like and talk to him, and just see him!

I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about anything :) keep your head up and eyes on the prize!

<3 LOVE THIS!!!! yay for us STRONG ARMY GIRLFRIENDS not letting ANYONE or anything get in our way. KNOW WHY??? cause we are ARMY GIRLS!

I agree, It doesnt matter which branch we all go through the same thing. Personally my man is a Marine. Its not going to be easy but brush them off. If they were true friends they wouldnt have to know why other than you love him! Stick by his side no matter what... Trust me its worth it. Hopefully your friends will come to realize but until then... You have this whole site :)

I am a marine girlfriend but I have a cousin and a good friend in the army also, all of us military girls have to stick together no matter which branch, we all face very similar battles! I wish you the best of luck, feel free to write me if you ever need someone to talk to! :)