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I have had a hard time with my Marine being at SOI, not nearly as hard as when he was in bootcamp! I am really looking for other marine girlfriends/wives to talk to because my friends just dont understand what its like! I dont know about you ladies but it drives me crazy to hear girls complain that they miss their boyfriend or husband because they havent seen him for two days or like two hours! They dont even know what its like to not see your boyfriend/husband for three months to a year! I hope to talk more with you ladies! :)
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My boyfriend is currently at Boot camp in Fort Benning Georgia. We have been together alittle over 4 years and this is the first time we have been far apart. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with so I TOO could use more people to talk to. Would love to hear cute stories about your past or embarrassing moments or what makes you and your boyfriend so special! Please share. Could do a daily share of all these options!!! would be fun and relieving!

My boyfriend is on base, in and out of the field constantly. yes its on base but no contact at all for the whole week. This last month he was in every other week. He has already done his SOI but I know what its like for him not being here and able to talk to him. :-/ and they are talking about deployment for the beginning of next year... :( Never dealt with deployment, not sure how to handle either. But if you need to talk, feel free :)

Thank you so much I hope we can help eachother stay strong through all of this!

Me too :) When does he finish with his SOI?

Last he said they were thinking December 21st! :)

WOW! Well hopefully the time flies and goes fast for you. Keep busy as much as possible lol

Its gonna pretty quick, just praying hes home for christmas!!!

Im praying the same thing!

I will pray for you and your marine as well! :)

Right back atcha hun :)

Thanks girl!!! :)

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