My Life For The Next Year Without Him

well as of january 5th his deployment fully began.. everyday i sit and wonder where he is what hes doing and if he is ok. i find this is even harder when no one i know fully understands how i feel. alot of people tell me to give and let him go but there is not way i could ever do that. he is the one guy i have ever loved and i will not let him slip through my fingers i can not and will not. im serioulsy jusy wanting people in my life who undestand how i feel.

militarygirlfriend0102 militarygirlfriend0102 18-21 4 Responses Apr 2, 2010

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My boyfriend leaves so! So I need people that can understand this situation. If any one can help me out please feel free to send a message!

Mine leaves when yours gets back! That's crazy! Ladies, please let me know how to keep my sanity while he's away.

i'm not quite in the same situation as you are, but only because i married the man that i love. he is currently in afghanistan as well. left 08march. =( you should read my stories and PLEASE feel free to send me a message if you'd like to talk. i did feel and still do feel the same way about needing people in my life who understand what i'm going through and how i feel about being in love with a man who is halfway around the world. stay strong and i'm here if you need someone! <br />
<3, christina

Hi i know just how you feel, my bf is in Afghan now and my well meaning friends want me to get dressed up and go clubbing, its not going to happen tho i know i cant spend next 6 months sat in every night, its frustrating,hard and only us girls who share the same feelings understand, be strong as im trying so hard to be x