Stay Strong Girls

I met my bf online and there is an age difference but we love eachother just the same he has been deployed in iraq for about 5 months and i miss him like crazy we chat online every now and then thank god for skype and he calls me when he can...he makes me proud to call myself an army girlfriend none of my friends get why im always upset well they say stuff bout our age difference well i got news for them my bf is fighting for their freedom to say that and when stupid people tell me they know how i feel they dont unless they are an military gf wife or happy i have my bf to fight for my looking for support from other military girlfriends of wives we all need to stand behind our men and be there for them i love you so much baby you will be home soon...let me kno how you feel or contact me!!!
ProudArmyGirlfriend96 ProudArmyGirlfriend96
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Amen. Us women of military men need to stick together! I was at work one day, and this guy came through my drive through and pissed me off to no end. I am an American with no foreign accent. I was trying to be totally reasonable with him. When I asked him if there was anything else I could get him he replied, "Yeah, someone he speaks ******* English!!" I went balistic! When he got to the window. I reminded him that I am the proud woman of a U.S. military soldier that fights for his freedom and his right to come through and disrespect the woman that he loves!!! ugh some people.

Age difference doesn't mean anything. My fiance is younger than me and everyone gives me crap about it all the time but it doesn't matter. Alot of people do say they understand but do they really? No but thats ok. You have a group of people on here that do understand what your going through.