5 Things That Help Get Through The Days Without Him

Hello ladies and gents. Today I have compiled a small list of things I do to keep me from going crazy when my brave soldier can't be by my side. I hope you enjoy, and please post a comment telling us things that YOU do to make the time go by a little easier.

1. See friends.

I know how lonely those days get, and especially those nights, when the only thing in the world you would wish for is to have him next to you again. While it is tempting to stay in bed all day and just sleep or cry until he's back again, the worst thing you can do is cut yourself off from other people. People in civilian relationships aren't always going to understand, but the thing that anyone will understand is a friend reaching out to them for help. Get out there and remember to have fun. People are social beings, and part of our happiness comes from interacting with other people.

2. Do laundry.

Okay, I know this sounds silly, but everyday chores can keep your hands busy and your mind sound. On top of that, when we keep our lives organized and those little piles of laundry under control, WE feel more in control. Keep your days productive. The rest will handle itself.

3. Get a hobby.

Also, this sounds like a no-brainer, but this is another one of those things that will keep you busy. Maybe you will find a knack for yoga or scrapbooking. Take some time to rediscover yourself and find something that will make you just a little bit happier inside. You can even enroll in your local martial arts classes, where you can meet new friends, or you can learn how to garden if you don't know how. When your man comes home, you can have something new to show him.

To see the other two, please visit my blog and leave a comment of some things that get YOU through!

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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

hmm... I have been needing to catch up on laundry.

I'm with you on the household chores bit - my room and "areas" around the house are quickly becoming the cleanest places in the whole house. :P<br />
I personally love photography. Whenever I'm feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, I arm myself with my camera and go on a long walk. On the walk, I work hard to take pictures of unusual things, things I normally take pictures of but in a new way, or things that I normally wouldn't feel inclined to take pictures of. Being out and about, and making myself focus completely on something that I truly love clears my mind so well, and I always return home feeling calmed down and peaceful.

VERY NICE!!! I write. I am working on a novel now on the side of my normal writing. Its something I have wanted to do far so long. And it keeps my mind completely occupied. And I know when I am completely done, my man is going to be so proud of me!!!