Counting Down Hours

Well girls, Im counting down the hours until my man comes home! Granted he's not deloyed but it feels like it. He's been out in the field for the last month on and off. Just when I get used to him being home, he's gone again. Today will be the last day. He will be home every night again for a very long time. He is going back to his original unit (47th cash...I think). Whooohoooo! thought I would share that with you ladies.

On another note...Im just about done cleaning out the storage from the move! YAY! Just have a few more things to wash and put away. I will have a bunch of 3t and 4t clothes I will be giving away if anyone has a baby girl that needs them!
MissArmyWife MissArmyWife
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

yay lucky you :))))