First Phone Call!! And Other Good News!

So Sunday was the first day that the plebes were allowed to use their cell phones! I was at the grocery store with my family when I got a text from Trevor - I think I must have screamed a little or something without really realizing it because the lady standing near the bananas gave me a very stern look. XD Anyway. We texted for about 15 minutes before he had to go to intramurals, with the promise that he'd call before dinner. So later in the afternoon I got to spend a wonderful, amazing, glorious half hour on the phone with him!! :D I've missed his voice so much - especially his laugh - and it was honestly exhilarating to hear it for the first time in nearly a month. <3

The plebes' laptops also finally made it to USMMA, so we've been messaging each other on Facebook when he's got some free time to spend online. :) (Which are the times when he's not in class, doing homework, at band practice, at a club meeting, or at some sort of training... It's still gonna be tricky talking to him even though he has full Internet access now. :P)

In other (slightly) related news, I JUST found out a few days ago that my friend Kendrick (Army, stationed in Alaska) got back from his second tour in Iraq about 2 weeks ago! :D He left early August '08, and he had extremely limited communication access while he was out there this time. Apparently, he only talked to his dad, his best friend, and a girl he's liked for ages. (They decided to become a couple while he was on tour, actually! Very exciting!) And he hasn't had much time for talking since he's gotten back, either - he's been in sniper training. But I'm just really excited and thankful that God brought him home safely once again! :)
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I'm trying! He's kind of a scatterbrain sometimes, though, so it doesn't surprise me he still hasn't downloaded it yet, hahaha. And yeah, I can see how that would be hard. But I'd still love to be able to talk to him for real more often. :)

hahaah, make him do put it on, its so much easier, but kind of sad when you see him and can talk but you cant actually be with him !

Hahaha nice. :)<br />
He keeps saying that he's gonna put Skype on his laptop, but the stinker keeps not doing it. Even with his roommate on it like every night, lol.<br />
He's in band co., on the trombone. :)

sorry for the late response, be really busy and finally got around to sending my boy food !<br />
haha :P<br />
You two should Skype eachother, he may say it's not approved, but keep it quiet and no one will know<br />
Yes, he's a plebe, and he's in 2co, and yours?

I cried a bit after I got off the phone with him because I realized that I didn't know when I'd get to hear his voice again. :/<br />
Happy for you, too!! And I assume from your user name that your boyfriend's a plebe this year as well? Mind if I ask what company he's in?

So happy for you ! My boyfriend is at USMMA also, when I got that first call from him I cried :(<br />
But so happy for you, hope all works with you too !