New To The Army Girlfriend Thing

My boyfriend i have known since i was 4 years old. We have been bestfriends all of our life then we lost contact when we went to different schools and got new numbers, And we had re-met and now we are dating and before we started he told me that he was going into the Army. I have always seen myself dating an army man, because i have grown up with my family telling me that's who i was going to end up with. My boyfriend and his bestfriend went and signed up about a month ago, and they go to basic in October at a base in Georgia. He is only 16, but he leaves the day after he turns 17 for basic. I've been worrying every night just wondering what could happen to him, because when i read the papers that he was actually going it hit me. I'm trying to be strong about it for him, but my friend's don't understand. Like they do to a degree, but only our friends have went to the military, none of our boyfriends or girlfriends. :-/ I miss him already, all his family can talk about now is him going, and how everything is going to change, because everyday i'm at his house and he is at mine, there isn't a day that goes by that i don't see his parents and his sister and her kids, and he see's my family. He's going to be gone for Christmas which is an even bigger bummer. All of these post's on here have made me want to cry. I'm a proud soon to be army girlfriend, I just need someone to talk to about all of this.
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hey girl. i was with my boyfriend for 2 months before he went into bootcamp/trainning. hes in chacagio, illinios. hes tranning for navy. its so hard for me right now. iv been without him for almost 2 months. only 1 phone call and 6 letters. its honestly heartbreaking. i was with him everyday for those 2 monrhs before he left, we did everything together and noww hes gonee. you just have to be strong and keep intouch with his family members and talk to people that have experienced this. everything will end up perfectly fine. :)

My Man is US Army i met him after he went to basic....but he is currently in Iraq its been a long year ....things have been tough but the only thing keeping me going is getting to talk to him thru yahoo messenger and seeing him on webcam and knowing that he is okay and that he is coming home soon!!! gets easier just like marinebby said ......u just have to keep ur head held high and be strong...if it wasn't for knowing that my man loves me id be going insane :) hope u add me id love to chat with you!!!

Hey girl, my fiance is in boot right now for the Marines. I don't have much time right now to tell you anything, but you can message me anytime you want to, and I will help you get through this! I promise it will get easier! I look forward to talking to you!