No Longer Together :(

A week ago today my Airman left me. We were supposed to be getting married March 5th, 2011. I have planned the whole wedding and everything. All of a sudden he said he didn't want to be a relationship with me. I am having a really hard time without him. Everything reminds me of him and how much I miss having him around.   :(
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I hope things work out with that for you hunnie. you deserve the best!

THank you girls for your support. The funny thing is yesterday morning I got a phone call at 6am from my ex. I knew something was up because he doesn't call me anymore. He asked if I have a new man yet and all this stuff. Then he says I really regret breaking up with you. I miss you so much. So we are back together. We are not engaged. We are just boyfriend and girlfriend. He asked me today to wear my engagment ring again but as a promise ring. He has to prove to me that he is 100% sure this time. I surehope so. He leaves mid September for California.

Im so sorry. My man cheated on me. I cant believe it, but it happens. If you need someone to talk to, I am here.

I am so sorry, it seems like it was just out the blue? That is one of my fears, and i told my sailor that, he gets pissed when i say things like that because he says its like i don't have enough faith in us and that i am being self conscious. Sometimes my mind will wonder to those "wat ifs..." Again i am so sorry. I don't know wat else to say.