I'm A Military Girlfriend Have Been Since October 2008

Hi, im new to this website so bare with me.....but ive been a military girlfriend since october 2008 and this is my story

My man ive known since 2005 we lost contact for almost 3 and a half years then on october 12th i was on yahoo messenger and we started talking and i asked him if he would like to see a picture of me and he said sure so i sent him a picture and gave him my myspace page bout 2 minutes later he replies back with "OMG I KNOW YOU" I said you do and he came back and said yeah so he sent me a picture and sure enough we knew each other back in 2005 ....he came to my house on October 13th 2008 (3days after my bday) he stayed there and hung out with me ......he didn't tell me what his occupation was at the time...until the 2nd day October 14th on the phone i asked him what he did for a living and instead of telling me he said ill show you..he showed up to my house in ACU's (at the time all i knew wat the uniform ment was US ARMY)......then by October 15th the dreadful day he left for Washington state but before he left he came out of his way just to see me before he left and that day before he left he asked me out! I said yes.....normally im not good with long distance relationships but for some reason i had a real good feeling bout this one...from there we would talk on the phone or chat on the  computer it was hard as ever but i did it.......X-mas of 2008 i was at my moms and almost asleep on december 24th at 1am my mom came into my room and said something is wrong with your car well of course im gonna go check so i went to the front door to look out and nothing was wrong besides another car sitting behind it i didn't think nothing of it and before i could turn around i herd from behind me....MY SOLIDER he had been standing in the kitchen the hole time and i walked right by him....that xmas was awesome!! i got my solider for xmas!!! He had to go back the day before New Years....then in january i flew out to washington from the 15th to the 18th 2009......it sucked saying goodbye i didn't wanna leave but i had too...just until May 21st 2009 i put my 2 weeks notice in at work and flew out to washington state to be with my man until August 1st 2009...i loved every minute of it.....from August 3rd until August 16th we stayed at his moms house in ILLINOIS (where we are both from) August 16th sucked i cried cause i didn't want him to go....September 2009 he deployed to Iraq...it was hard as ever not hearing from him almost everyday....December 10 2009 i got a phone call from his sister telling me not to leave my little sisters house that she was on her way there she had to talk to me about my man...i was scared i thought something bad had happened and she didn't wanna tell me on the phone....well Low and behold guess who came home for Mid-tour on Dec. 10th i screamed i was so excited to see him.....unfortunately he left on Dec. 25th xmas day to go back to Iraq i cried for  about a week after it sucked.......its now August 7th 2010 and i have less then a month left before my man comes home...im sitting here in washington with another military wife we are both waiting very patiently for our men to come home!!! ....Thats my story if you have any comments or care to chat with me just send me a message or an email works as well.....its posted in my profile!!
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I love your story hunnie! Im in Washington state as well!

Hi I love your story. Bet you are excited for your man to come home.<br />
hang in there message me if you want.