I'm Dating Someone At The Naval Acadmey <3

So I am 20. I am dating a senior at the Naval Acadmey. I go to college about 40 mins. away from him. For starters, he is the most amazing, caring, mans man, I could go on and on haha as I am sure we all could about our guys. Anyway, we started dating in the end of March. We became an offical couple this past May. He asked me out on the yard after the ring dance it was so perfect. We met through friends and I couldn't ask for a better guy. He is from the west coast and I from the east. So the first 2 months of our relationship we didn't see eachother. The first month he was at traning in VA and the second month he was back home. But he surprised me mid summer with plans to leave Cali early to come to upstate NY to visit me! It was the best few days of my life( my friends joke at how much I was nervous, running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, couldn't stop talking about the 3 days I'd get to see him) I told them you try not seeing your boyfriend the first 2 months of your relationship and then not act like me haha<3 I have to take advantage of any times I get to see him. ( I fly down this week to go back to school and he has a few days off so we will be together for a few more days <3)!! Anywho, do any of you girls date anyone from the Naval acadmey? Can you tell me what their senior year is like? Anything from the dances they have to how busy they are. ( which he is pretty busy being he is on a sports team there as well) I just need advice and positive words for those days where I just want to be with him but no I can't for weeks at a time :/
Thanks for the help I need it!
bravesgirl12 bravesgirl12
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010