In Love Without A Title

Ok so im not a military Girlfriend exactly BUT i am feel what all of you are and going through the same thing.
   Me and my guy have been best friend for two years  but weve always liked each other but circumstances never let us be together. Now two years later were both single and the NAVY is holding us back. the day he came to say goodbye was awful. we did talk about how we feel but he asked me to date other people because he doesnt know if hes ready for something serious and im the one he wants to marry when he comes home but doesnt want to ruin our chances. He kissed me goodbye and I swear my heart was shattered. Iv never loved someone like I love him. Anyways he arrived at bootcamp july 8 so 5 weeks ago and these have been the longest weeks of my life! I get three letters a week and got the first phone call! i cant explain how happy i was. We write like as if were together and tell each other we love each other all the time. I wont be able to make it to his graduation because my parents are really old school and it breaks my heart that none of his family will probably make it either. i guess its just crazy i wait all week for wednesday and  after I need the mail i cant wait for it all over again. SO far hes only gotten that one phone call, does anyone know if he'll get another? Or how things will change when he's in A school? Oh and hell be home for christmas. I cant wait. Thats the news i got over the phone. Does anyone know how long that leave is?
thank you anything helps
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Thanks to both of you! I write him every day pretty much i got my 2nd phone call a week ago!! i really needed that my grandma hasn't been doing to well so it was so confronting hearing his voice!<br />
do you guys happen to have any ideas to get them or christmas? I want it to be something he can always have with him..<br />
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kourtney he's in great lakes. how was your boyfriends Graduation? how was it to see him after all that time? thank you it does help to be more informed.<br />
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Krystyna yea your right slowly but surely things are starting to seem like there getting figured out. But i guess we wont know or decide what to do until christmas when we see each other. and thanks i didnt know that, but he said hell be here probably a week i guess well see. Oh and he wont finish A school until feb 18 so thats longer than expected but at least i get to see him soon. <br />
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Both of you let me know how it is when you see your guys. Hopefully well all have great stories to share.

wow girl, sounds like me. but im in a acual relationship.<br />
its really heartbreaking. where is his bootcamp.?<br />
my man is still in bootcamp but graduates in 6 days. im going down for the day and seeing him. hes been in for 2 months. iv gotten 8 letters so far. and my second phone call todayy. so he wont able to call very much. but you will get letters alot. but the last week of bootcamp he will get more phone calls n he will be able to get on the internet. :)<br />
<br />
keep in touchh<br />
stay strong!