My bf and I have only been back together a few days. We were engaged but he needed sometime to himself because he was starting to get scared. Anyways. Lastnight he got mad about the littlest thing. All I said was things seem weird I feel like when we talk we are walking on egg shells. He flipped out. I felt like I said something HORRIBLE! We talked about it a litle and he was still pissed when we went to bed. He text me and said I'm going to bed Im sorry I get so pissed so easily I am trying to work on that. Ill text you tomorrow I love you good night. Its 11:00 and I still haven't heard from him. Did I say something wrong??? I just don't understand.
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Well I didnt hear from him till 4:00 yesterday afternoon when I called him. He was nothing but a jerk.

Dont worry becus me and my bf had a fight just like that last night. He'll seatle down soon just give him time. And have yu tried texting him yet??