Deploying and Nervous

My boyfriend is a United States Marine and we have been dating for a month now. He has been home for the past three weeks and he is now getting ready to leave for California where he is stationed to await deployment to Iraq in Feb. and he will be gone for six months. I'm still not sure how to handle all this at one time. I am so nervous and scared for him and us! He has my whole heart and he means the world to me. I have never felt this way about anyone before and I don't want to lose him. I just hope that I can be strong and make it through this and I hope this doesn't affect us in a negative way! If anyone has any advice on how  to handle and cope with this I would greatly appreciate it. Anything will help. I will keep updating the status of our deployment!!!

marinegirlfriend be continued!!!

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Hang in there. I am going thru something similar, however I am in the pre deployment detachement stage. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, we both knew he would be deploying for 6 months possibly a year. I was ok with that, after all, when he is the one, he is the one. He leaves this Friday, and last week before his birthday he just totally withdrew. Said he didnt want a relationship right now. He felt emotionally empty. This is his 5th deployment and the last one he was in a relationship and it ended horribly. And before that he was married, and it ended horribly in a divorce. So deployment and relationships are not in good standing with him. He said he felt too much pressure, and it wasnt fair for me to wait. As much as it hurt, i asked him what he needed right now, what he wanted. He said " I need a friend". The look in his eyes was all I needed. I told him I would be whatever he needed me to be, and if it was a friend right now I would be. I haven't seen him in over 3 weeks because he travels due to his job, and is now In KY with family until he leaves Friday. He is a little more receptive now, we text a little more often, and have talked on the phone. I miss him so much my heart hurts, but it is about him right now. So I will be with him every step of the way. I will wait for him. And maybe once things settle over there, and I am able to show him things will be different this time around, maybe he will come back to me. I am grateful I am still a part of his life, and I am scared what the next 6 months may bring or a year. But be strong. If you really love him it is about him right now, when you love someone you love them in the ways they need to be loved, and in all thier forms. Hang in there! P.S. Does anyone know a good site where I can keep a journal?

Ive recently been talking to someone in the military and we met online too. We actually had our first date this last weekend and it went really well. Hes planning on coming and spending this weekend with me which will be nice, however he did tell me he is getting deployed to afganistan in mid oct early nov for 9 months. So at this point im lost in words and dont know where to go from here with this. We have an awfully lot in common and get a long great. I am the type thats willing to see where it goes and be his pin pal while hes gone and send him care packages however again i dont know where we'll be at come time of his deployment

My boyfriend and I have started a scrapbook of things. We take photos print them out when we do big things, our first date was the movies so we keep movie stubs and make a whole scrapbook of important events. It's a sweet little reminder. :) good luck to you!

im dating a marine and he leaves tonight, i dont know what to do im so proud of him and so happy he is getting a chance at this but i cant stop crying last night was our last date till he gets home, he asked me to wait for him but im not his girlfriend yet. (bad timing). im trying to stay strong for him but im crushed inside, his phone got put away and i cant talk to him, whats a girl to do.

Hey girl, My name is victoria! My story is a bit different than yours, My boyfriend is in the airforce, We met through a mutual friend and he lives in a different state because he lives in the dorm and they deploy him every year for 4 months. From my experiences so far. well we have dated for almost 2 months now. Its not easy, I won't even lie. it puts alot overwhelming emotions on you as well. you just have to be strong. Always support him. Ease your mind and try to keep it busy with work, school, anything really. Send him letters as well or begin a journal. I have started writing one and I write in it every day. It really helps with everything. Like if I have any negative feelings or scared or worried, I write it all in there and it helps alot. You could also just use this site as an journal and write on how you feel. But good luck! Its always hard the first few months but it gets better, not super great but it does get better! ( And just always remember its always worth it, every tear, sadness, struggles, its always worth it, even if it might not feel that way at that moment but its worth it all!! ) If you need to have somebody talk to durning this time, I'm always here! (:

Hey! Im new to this website but im really enjoying reading everyones postes, it really helps to have other people to relate too. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, and he has been in the army for about a year. I recently found out that he is deploying to iraq in august and im really nervous. When he left for basic it was really hard for me and now he is going away for a year. Im not sure how to cope because not many people know what to say to you unless there in a military relationship.

Hey SgtsWife, I was wondering how your story ended since this was written 3 years ago(:

Me too, this is my first time that my baby is going to deploy. We've been together for 6 months as of today. It's hard for me because i moved this august to nc and he's stationed in hawaii, where I'm from, i miss him to death and can't talk to him as much as i would like, i miss holding him, kissing etc. After i moved i found out he was deploying and he's leaving in october, I'm so sad and it's so hard to hold it together i feel like breaking down all the time. It's been hard on me just being apart since i moved but knowing he's deploying is just heartbreaking cause I'm gonna miss him so much and it feels like there's nothing i can do. Reading about other ppl going through this situation to makes things a little easier and me feel less lonely.

I am in the same boat as the rest of you gals....My special ops marine left May 1st on a mission & of course he can't tell me where, what, how long, etc.....We are now engaged & plan to get married June 2011.....It has been hard as hell as you can imagine & he has only been gone a few months but what is worse I do know that his special forces unit is living in the mountains around afghan/iraq area. I don't get the communication like other friends I know that are living on bases which makes our situation even harder. The last time I heard from him was May 17th when they were going back out into the mountains & he told me how much he loved me, misses me, & he would contact me when he can. I hold onto that everyday but it doesn't make it any easier. I just want to hear from him, hold him, etc etc. But I do know that no news is good news too.

I loved reading your story, not for the fact of the pain that you are going through but I finally found someone in my shoes. My boyfriend of 6 months is in special forces and cant tell me anything other than he is going to Afghanistan here in April. This is my first deployment and I am not handling it well at all. I am so depressed and cry at the drop of milk. Im just worried sick that something will happen to him. I just wish they all could come home.

Hey im Tiffany.. It is hard me and Tanner have gone through one deployment to iraq and are going to go through are 2nd in november to afg. its hard..but sweetie stay strong for him he is going to need u..send him care packages showing that u care.. even if it something little...they look forward to that..and both of u get skpye cauz it the best... and never lay that phone down when he leaves because the worst is missing there calls... u will check ur email 50 times a day and the mail boxs and im here if u ever need me..!

hey my bf has been on 2 tours in iraq already let me tell you its hard very hard but at the same time makes you one of the strongest couples <br />
<br />
a military relationship is based on trust and brief communication<br />
<br />
so as time is now dont take the time with him for granted spend every second possible <br />
youll miss many things.. but dont worry everyone will be supporting you we serve the silent ranks dear.

hey my bf has been on 2 tours in iraq already let me tell you its hard very hard but at the same time makes you one of the strongest couples a military relationship is based on trust and brief communicationso as time is now dont take the time with him for granted spend every second possible youll miss many things.. but dont worry everyone will be supporting you we serve the silent ranks dear.

Ugggggh its sucky!!<br />
If your love/like/attraction/passion/communication/etc/etc can survive this, then the two of you can survive ANYTHING!!<br />
Stay positive, stay strong....and stay busy.<br />
<br />
299 days til my baby come home :[<br />
[[Proud Army GirlFriend -- HOOAH!]]

so im new to this marine girlfriend thing too. my boyfriend is leaving in a few months for afgan and i'm so scared that things will change. but we just have to stay strong and stick together. if you need anything just message me.

Okay, well maybe someone on here can help me. I've been dating this guy for what is almost 6 months, he's the absolute love of my life, i spend every moment that i can with him, he does things for me that i didnt think anyone but my parents would do. I can't even imagine more than a day without him. Recently, he got this "excellant" idea of joining the Air Force, i'm absolutely depressed over this, i cry any moment i think about him going away and just not being with me, i feel like he's abandoning me and like im not worth him staying. He asked me to join with him but being that we're not married i wouldnt be based with him anyways.. i took the ASVAB test with him out of support.. and he passed.. on this coming thursday he is going to get processed.. and im panicing.. i dont know what else to do or say, i really dont want him to go, its def my worst nightmare.. and worse enough he wants one of the most dangerous jobs out there.. jobs that require him to be away for like 2 years of just training.. i dont even know how to cope.. i see some comments up here that say that you were able to text him? how so..? and visting? like i dont know any of this.. i see it as, he packs his bags, gives me one last kiss and hug and he leaves.. and here ill stand totally alone. :[[ please someone help this soon to be military girlfriend..

I need help to my boyfriend just join the army and idk what to do or say we engaged and everything but not be able to see him going to be hard

Hey! so my boyfriend isn't a marine but he is in the army, well national guard untill he comes home and goes active, and i'm kind of in the same situation we've been together for almost four months now and he also leaves for iraq next year march i believe or earlier i'm kinda new at this to it will be our first deployment together so its going to be tough i'm sure but all the girls have been tellin me to just be strong and to take tons of pics! if you ever need to talk i'm here!

I know how you feel!! Even though the guy I was talking to wasnt my boyfriend, but we were something he had been depolyed to Iraq for few months & it was VERY hard! You really got to be patient with him while hes away. He probably wont be able to call or reach you as often as you both would like, but I'm sure he will call or however as much as he can. Be strong & hang in there!!!!!! You both will make it through it & if you guys can make it through this; I'm sure both of you will be able to make it through anything! Tell him how much you like or love him & how much your proud of him. Try not to tell him anything negitative; always be prositive & whenever you two can have even a short deep conversations once in awhile. Just to secure each other & just to feel the close connection with each other. Its healthy (: Remember to send him carepackages. Be creative!!!! && its nice to send him handwritten letters with your scent on it (: && its okay to send him stuff animal(s). [ send him just ] again, put your scent on it so it'll smell like you. Big boys needs stuff animals too sometimes! (; If you have any questions or anything you can ask me whenever; I'll be more than happy to give you care package ideas or whatnot; shoot im sure every girl on here would be happy too! (:<br />
<br />
I wish you both luck & never give up!!!!!!!!!!! The distance just will bring you two closer (:

Hi! I'm really sorry about what's happening to you. I've never been in that situation and I hope to God that I never do, but some of my friends have Marine bfs who've been deployed. From what I know, all I can tell you is let him know everyday how you feel, and when he's over there try to keep in touch and let him know you're waiting for him and you support him.,, both of you will feel a lot better! : ] Good luck!

Hi, I've been date'n my ranger for 2 months. we met online and if I'm lucky I'll get a email once a day or every other day. This is hard for me to understand, I'm trying to be the best girlfriend cause that's what I think he deserves but is this normal?? He said I have his heart I hope he's tell'n the truth. I'm so glad I found this site, if any of u ladies have any advise for my I would really appreciate it. He's still in the states he's just stationed more than 2,300 miles away from me.

well i dont know how well i am with giving advise now my boyfriend and i didnt make it, he came home from iraq on R&R and it was like he was a different person all he did was drink and he was really hurtful and stuff, he ended up breaking up with me before he went back and i haven't talked to him since, not my choice his. a year of my life i sat at home waiting for a call or a letter and for it to be over just liek that was a shock i still love him to death and before he left to go back when his R&R was over he gave me our baby, im now almost a month and a half pregnant, he still doesnt know, and im not sure i want to tell him i dont want it to seem like this is all to get him back i might not even have the baby, im signing up for the army national gaurd soon and i think im going to become an Mp witch is what he is but the thing is i'd be in his unit and stuff so i dont know how that would go over at all, all i can tell you to do is love him and support him but dont lose yourself just incase things dont workout.

My boyfriend just got deployed to iraq. He is in training in Fort Stewert Georgia for two months after he gets done in georgia he dont get to come home before he goes to Kuwait for a month to get use to the enviroment. Then he goes to Iraq for 9 months so as a total he dont come home for a whole year. We have been together for 2 yrs. He left on January 2nd and i have been having the hardest time of my life. All i can tell you to do is to cherish the time that you have with him and dont take anything for granted. It is hard to have some things come onto all at once. it is very stressful. but believe me. if you pray and have faith that hes going to be okay. then it helps. and to talk to people on the net that is going through the same thing that you are going through. If you need anyone to talk to then you give me a shout.

hey, me and my boyfriend ave been dating for 6 months today andhe has been deployed in iraq for 3 months now and i wont lie, it is gunna be hard!lol but a good thing to help is to take LOADS of pictures with eachother and spend a night alone to just cuddle and talk about how you feel. trust me he will open up to you if you show him how scared you are because even though ey try to act tough they're more scared then us.And make everylast minute count. After the first month it does get easier and you will have your moments where you break down but if you can make it through two will make it through anyting!Hope it helped and good luck to you both