My Army Man Is In Basic Training...

We met playing pool with mutual friends a year and a half ago. We instantly became friends and soon enough we were talking everyday and became very close. I was dorming an hour away while he was back home. We considered eachother best friends and when I came back during the summer we saw eachother at least once a week. He had a girlfriend and they had problems, I
was single but lived the partying college girl lifestyle. I took last fall semester off because I wanted to be close to home.
We were both single and liked eachother.
Originally I was afraid of dating him, he was joining the army and I thought, I like him but how can I have an army boyfriend? I was a wild child who was determined to prove that love is fictional and no one can tame me. I thought love was just a form of vulnerability and I never wanted to be vulernable to anyone.
Eventually it got to the point where he asked me to be his girlfriend, his other half actually, and I said yes. I relaized that no matter how much I want to tell myself that it won't work out, I am crazy about this man.
We dated for four months before he left to basic last week. Those four months were amazing. Filled with love, honesty, trust, caring, giving, and so much more. We celebrated every month-iversary.
This last week has been crazy. I told myself I wouldn't cry. I told myself that I'll keep so busy that I wouldn't miss him as much.
I have been crying on and off...for example he gave me a stuffed animal that smells like him, everytime I smell it I smile and tear. I miss him a lot, even when I'm very busy.
He sent me a picture today of his new Friends and himself in their uniforms, which I saved for my wallpaper on my phone, and called me. I started crying mid call, but that call just made my day and everyday I am glad that I am with him and made the right choice, despite all my fears of this lifestyle. The benefits greatly outnumber the negatives. Now if only the next few
months would fly by so I could hug and smell him again :)
He taught me how to be a better person, that love exist, and how to be a true army girlfriend.
He's my strong army man with a great big heart.
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Sweetheart Its hard to deal with army life. Alot of pple say the hardest job in the military is the military wife. Its all worth it. Deployments suck but they do fly by sometimes. It takes a strong person to be in that situation. Alot of heartbreak. But totally worth is sometimes. Good Luck hun.

I love your story :). It was sweet and sounded like I was reading my own cause mines is almost EXACTLY like yours lol. Down to finally falling in love and it being the greatest thing ever. My boyfriend graduated basic training 3 weeks ago so if you ever have questions or need to vent, im always here to help.<br />
<br />
Wish you and your boyfriend lots of love and many, many, many more happy months together :)