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I only say possible bc we haven't defined anything yet lol  Our feelings and everything are still very new...and he's in FL, getting ready to deploy in about a week.  He's Air Force, and this is his 4th time over.  Six months he says.  While we are very excited to have these feelings and are getting to know each other...the situation pretty much sucks lol  He was here, my town where he's from, a few weeks ago...and we spent a few days hanging out.  we had met once previously, around Christmas, through mutual friends.  He thought enough of me to want to spend time with me when he came back in Feb.

Neither of us expected 'this'...whatever 'this' is to happen.  At best we figured we would hang out when he was in town.  Well...apparently he couldnt' get me off his mind...and that's when we started talking more...even though he was back in FL, and i was in IL.  I'm on his mind constantly and vice versa.  I won't be able to see him before he leaves, which majorly sucks.  At best we'll be able to talk on the phone before then. 

idk...we haven't directly discussed me waiting for him, but...he's pretty much said he doesn't think i need to waste my time with anyone else lol  So i don't know if i will be a GF before he leaves, or until after he comes back, but...i intend to wait for him to see where this might go.  i have a really good feeling about him....he's so thoughtful and no guy has ever been so openly into me like he is...he said i made him all gooey and soft lol  i would just like to know something for CERTAIN before he goes.  i know it may be implied, but...i like for things to be spelled out for me sometimes, directly lol  We'll see what happens i guess :)
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i've already been warned about the 'hurry up and wait' game the military plays lol my aunt's husband is in the army lol it just sucks. he's not even gone yet and we're not able to be together before he goes...so that just makes me more anxious when i don't hear from him lol i just do a lot of wondering....and i'm not sure that's gonna be good for my sanity! i actually think i'll relax a little more when he deploys lol

Yeah I found it is best to keep take it little by little. And us military girlfriends get used to times changing. You'll find that a lot. Nothing is ever 100% certain on times and dates and such,

SO happy you and your guy got to be together for a while before he goes!! :D i totally wish we had that luxury lol but...maybe this is the way it's suppose to be... <br />
<br />
his deployment date keeps getting pushed back, but he's leaving 'anytime', which makes it impossible for him to come see me...and i can't go down there bc my daughter has school and whatnot. plus he's not down there just to be waiting to go...that's where he lives, and is stationed, so...i don't even know how it's all gonna work when he comes back either lol but...we'll worry about that when it gets here i suppose :)

When I first got to know my man he was supposed to deploy in about 3 months. So we decided to take it slow and see what happens. Neither of us wanted to get in a relationship if he was going to leave since we didn't know each other very well. Well by fate or coincidence, he didn't end up deploying and I officially became his girlfriend 2 days after he found out! He told me that he thought is was fate that he met me and then ended up not deploying. Well its been a year and a half since then and we are happier than ever! He's got about a week left of his training for deployment to Afghanistan. And I actually get to go down there to see him! Then he'll be in Afghanistan for 6 months. If you need someone to talk to or chat with message me anytime!!

I know what you mean... I never thought Ild be here either... but when you find the one worth waiting for... well you wait :)

thank you for your support! i definitely didn't see myself being in this position, and i can't say that i'm 'looking forward' to him being gone at all, but i'm beginning to wrap my head around it and be ok with it at best :)

Of course :) I would have to say military women are very supportive of one another :) <br />
And im not exactly in your situation so I dont fully understand it but when me and my boy friend started dating he took a long time to be in a committed relationship becuase he thought he would leave a lot sooner then he did and I was still pretty prepared to wait as well so I know that even though it seems crazy it just feels right kind of feeling :) <br />
Who knows, Im sure youll deal with different hardships... I hope it all works out though!!! :D

thanks for your response! i may indeed need someone to talk to if this is what happens :) We're both pretty into each other...still in the getting to know each other phase...no declarations of love or anything like that...still too soon for that....and now he's being deployed. the situation definitely sucks! we'll be getting to know each other while he's gone...instead of in person...who knows...maybe that's what will work out best for us :) i'm definitely excited to see what might happen tho!

I would talk to him :)... if your willing to wait and he wants to come home to you then thats saying something especially after such a short time... its a huge commitment though and in reality is alot harder then the romantic idea of waiting for some hero whose coming home to you... dont get me wrong the writing of letters, the love of your life away fighting for your country and everything is very romantic and very sweet and if you can wait 6 months or possibly longer on how long you have been with him, more power to you :)... I always told my sailor i wouldnt wait unless i could truly see us getting married... and well I'm waiting... :) <br />
I wish the best of luck to you :) I know that euphoric feeling very well so I understand why you would :) if you need anyone to talk to I am begging to understand this whole military girl friend thing pretty well :)