The Deployment Has Begun!!!

Well, he left on Feb. 10th to Iraq for six months. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have my good days and my bad days. He tells me all the time that eventually it will get easier, and I am trying to keep that in mind and be positive. I am trying to fill my days with things that make me happy and keep me busy. The highlight of my day, however, is the time that I get to talk to him. Sometimes its not for very long but I am thankful for that time, because I have a friend who is dating someone in the Army and he is in Iraq right now and he can even call home to talk to her! The days are starting to go by a little faster than they did right as he was leaving but they still arent going by fast enough:(!! March the first will start the first official month of the six months that I have to pass before he can come home, and I am actually kind of excited about it, because I know that this will start the actual countdown!! I am handling this a lot better than I thought I would, but like I said earlier, there are also the bad days where I find myself thinking way too much. I am hoping that this time will pass very quickly because I just miss him SO much! Oh and just to let everyone know I am getting together with some friends of mine to send boxes of things over to my fiancee and his battalion. So if you live near or around Meridian, MS let me know if you want to help or donate. We need all the help we can get! And again, I am here if anyone needs to talk or vent!!! To be continued.....



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So nervous about my soldiers upcoming deployement. I hope I'll be as strong as you are!!

I'm with ya on the bad and good days! My boyfriend is in Afghanistan for 9 months and he's been there for 1.5 months but gone 3.5 counting training and the days have been going by pretty fast so I hope the same for you! (: Stay strong!

I know this is two months after your comment but my boyfriend just deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. I don't know anyone in the same situation. Any advice? How's the communication from there to the states? I'm really nervous about these upcoming months :(

We actually talk everyday! There are computers and phones there. And they can buy wifi so if he has his own laptop you can skype! Of course the timing is way off so you'll probably get phone calls while you're sleeping but it's definitely worth it (: It's still hard, but it definitely isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I hope things work out as well as they did for me for you!

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I'm glad that you seem to have taken this well. I wonder how you do it :)<br />
I'm like 3 months in, and it drives me up the wall. :P

ill be going through my first deployment with my boyfriend next year starting in Feb. and he will be gone for a year. just knowing other people are going through the same things as i am makes me feel like and can handle what is about to come, and that i'll be alright. its already started to hit me a little bit every day but that has to play with us being long distance as it is. also, i would love to make care packages to help the troops if only i lived near you, but have fun and send them all our support over here at home.

Also, what branch is he in?

Your fiancee thats deployed,whats his job desc<x>ription/title?

I wish i lived near you i would totally help with the packages, but i live in Texas, im getting some together here myself its a little difficult lol.<br />
My boyfriend is stationed in Iraq, he just deployed Thursday and im not gunna lie, its been hard as HELL! i randomly cry in class, without warning, and people stare and i can hear their whispers, it infuriates me. But hey, i love my soldier and wouldnt change his love for the world. Any suggestions on what to do to make it a little easier???