Ready (or Not), Here His Ship Date Comes...

My best friend and boyfriend, Adam, ships out to Basic in two weeks from today. Need the support of others to get through this tough time as none of my friends can relate to this situation. Any of you seasoned pros can give a rookie some advice?!

Thank you in advance!
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everyday letters is great! i thought that that was the worse idea but my ex loved it! that's great that you everything planned out! i'm also thinking about going bacl to school once my boyfriend deploys!!<br />
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Stay strong girl!

thank you! it is hard but i am going to try my best to stay strong for me so that i can be strong for him too.

just bought $40 in stationary yesterday and figured that if i write once a day that i will be developing quite the expensive habit!!!

You've definitely got a good plan, that sounds exactly like what I had planned! My guy has been gone about 3 weeks now and Im still working on staying positive. Like the other girls said, write write write write! I have been writing him every day, even if it is boring work stuff that I tell him about! I asked him during our last call if he had gotten my letters and he was really excited about the pictures I sent him but said that he hasn't had a chance to read all of the letters yet because he doesn't get a lot of time. Even so, just getting something during mail call makes all the difference!! Other than writing, working out has kept me the most sane - like you, I want to look GOOD when he gets back! After all, you know he will be looking super sexy after all of that training! :-) I feel really good about myself each time I lose another pound, and that gives me something exciting to write about too! Plus, I feel like he is a little proud of me for it too; I wanted to take this time to better myself, because that is what they are doing!<br />
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We're all here for ya!! Cherish the time you have now, because no matter how prepared you think you are it will hit you hard when he finally goes.

thank you for the message! is your bf in training or on a deployment? sounds like you are a few steps (or weeks!) ahead of me so any advice you could give as you have just gone through it will be well used by me as this is a whole new world to me! just bought a ton of stationary yesterday and have a few special things planned for him in his final week at home. trying to stay as strong as i can but it is so hard to fight back the tears sometimes. damn these female hormones and damn him for being such a catch!! keep up the exercise...and awesome on the lb loss! my bf is a personal trainer/boot camp-style workout class instructor at a gym called platoon fitness (which is how we met!) so i know a thing a two about fitness that i can pass along to you if you would like to add some variety...or to make your workout a bit boot camp-inspired too! keep in touch about your successes and what you are accomplishing and i will do the same too. like long distance gym buddies!

Well I am by no means a seasoned vet at this but I can tell you that you need to absolutely cherish every second with him before he leaves because as soon as he does you will hurt and be so lonely you feel like ramming your head into the wall, or at least I did and still do. I physically ache to be in his arms and then I think "ah man! hes too far away." and then I tell myself each day apart is a day closer to when he is home. Im here for you girl if you ever need to talk or vent or whatever, Im here.

thank you so much!!! he hasn't even gone yet and i already feel the physical pain welling up. can't imagine it getting worse but i know that it will in t-minus one week. :( thank you again and i will be in touch!!!

i know the feeling my boyfriend leaves in a few weeks & im trying to get my self ready. just be strong for him. they are scared but wont let us know so we have to hold our feelings off the same! i think we as women can deal with it a lot better! so let him know your alright.. not to alright but just enough,,how much youlove him and how you cant wait to be back together! good luck girl bless you both! you can talk when ever yo like as well

thanks for the kind words of advice! i know that he is probably more scared than he would like to admit to me right now and i keep telling myself to be strong for the both of us. his whole life will be changing in a few days...only thing in my life that will be changing is not having him around. much tougher for him than it will be for me in some ways. although he will be so busy that it will be hard to find time to miss me the same way that i will miss him. ughhhh...getting teary eyed again....deep breaths! haha. and thank you for the offer of getting in touch when i need some support. it really does help to have other girls who are going through the same thing be here to share the experience with as none of my friends or family can relate.

Write letters. Write tons of letters! Write about how your day was, status on his favorite sports teams, song lyrics anything to keep his mind sane during this process. Be strong for him, I know it's not going to be easy, but that is why you have these lovely women here. For yourself, keep yourself busy to help the time go by, it helps a lot. I'm always here if you ever need to talk!

Thank you so much for the words of advice! I already told him that I am going to write him more letters than he will probably want to get from me. Planning on writing something every day, even if it is nonsense! Already have lots of plans with my girlfriends and am planning on getting back into working out as soon as he ships off. Have to look good come graduation day! And thank you for the offer to chat. It is great having this site and you girls as a resource.