Finally Found Out!

So for weeks I have been on edge about my soldier finding out his duty station.. We are getting married 10 days before he leaves and I am going with him as soon as the paper work gets sorted out, but we are going to Fort Campbell, Kentucky!! Which is great because we live in Kentucky already, it's only 3 hours from home, and right by Tennessee, this could not have worked out more perfect. God is watching over us! So relieved!
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10 Responses Jun 27, 2011

God works in amazing ways!

Great News! Good Luck!

Thats so awesome :) I am really happy things worked out so well for the both of you :) I wish you all the best of luck!

Congrats! You're a lucky girl! =)

Thanks girls! (: The wedding is soon!! July 30! He comes home the 29!<br />
Armygal777, which part of Ky are you in? Hopefully he will! I'll be moving to Ft. Campbell with him, but until the paperwork is done, at least I'm close!

i hope that my man gets stationed where yours is, i live in KY too!

aww!!! so so jealous. hope my man gets stationed close to me!!

Congrats! That's awesome!...Is the wedding soon?

Ft. Campbell is HUGE!! It is nice though! :)

Great News!! How exciting! :-)