Week 1

My boyfriend has been gone only 1 week of his 9 month deployment, and this weekend has really been hard...well mostly just at night. I cried myself to sleep last night. I couldn't even sleep in my bed because it made me sad that he wasn't there, and I slept on my couch. Tonight I had plans to go out with some friends for my girlfriend's birthday, and even though I started to cry on my way out, I made it out and stayed for a couple hours. But I left early because I just wasn't feeling it. I just got so sad and started missing Sean like crazy and came home. I don't like to be sad or cry in front of others, so I just had to leave. I felt bad. This isn't me. I'm usually very independent. But I guess independence doesn't really relate to this. I'm just so sad. I miss him so much it hurts. I think tonight will be another night of tears, unfortunately.

I've heard from some of the ladies on here that the first couple weeks are the hardest......I believe it :( For me, it's not even about keeping busy to get my mind off of him. Besides working, I'm with my baby niece and nephew often and have alot of friends who are always out and about doing something. But the saddness is overwhelming right now. Hopefully this will not last....Thanks for listening! Just had to let some feelings out
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Thanks ladies! It means alot. I'm also here if you guys need to talk. Thank you for the support! :)

My boyfriend has been gone for 10 days of the two years that he has to serve in Japan. I can't say it is the same thing because he is not in the war zone, but I miss him just the same. I was supposed to be able to talk to him tonight but he ended up having to clean all night. I think the hardest part is sleeping alone as well as the 13-hour time difference. I am here if you ever need to talk. = )

My husband has been gone six weeks now, i still sleep in the livingroom, in fact i just dont go in our room its just to sad. for me i think its gotten harder as time went on. i was pretty good about not braking down but i always had someone with me this week was my first alone and i just kinda alowed myself to brake down it felt good after but im still really sad. i just miss him so much :( if you need anything im here always

It is overwhelming. I didn't wanna do anything except cry the first 2 weeks he was gone. Now its been almost 4 months!! It feels better once you get into a new routine without him there you get used to your new lifestyle and you adjust. it doesn't make it hurt less you just get used to it! best of luck girl!!