Why It Hurts

Someone just told me something and i thought id share. there is a reason that every time he walks away I cry. There’s a reason my heart aches there’s a reason why i miss him, and when i think about him it feels like i'm splitting in half. Its cuz I love him. This wouldn’t suck if I didn’t. I love him with every bone in my body with everything i have and so the next time he gets on that plane that will take him thousands of miles away I will smile through the tears because I will remember why it hurts.

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5 Responses Jul 17, 2011

Has your loved one already graduated bootcamp?<br />
Mine's graduate's Aug. 5th (:<br />
I guess I just wanted to know how was the graduation, if you went.<br />
I'm sooo excited to see him ....

yes he graduated June 10th i went :)just make sure to get there like 1 or 2hours early for good seats :P the actual graduation was kinda cool but kind boring but the time you spend with your sailor is THE BEST its so amazing no matter what you do with them :) have fun :) and you will have time not only the day he graduates but you can spend some time with him at the airport before he leaves :)

wow this totally just gave me chills right now! its so true! thanks for sharing this!

thank you for that i am at the airport right now and im dealing with this exact thing. This was a nice pick me up

That sweet!!!! Good for her for smiling I can't say that's ever happened with me and my man. I am usually crying and sad and he's holding back tears and its just really hard for both of us! But it cuz we love each other and we know what its like to spend time apart and it is hard. But we do it cuz we love them and out love grows stronger every time we're apart and the feeling when you reunite is amazing!!! Only 10 weeks left for me! OH GETTING CLOSER!!!!

I love this!