I Need To Get A Punching Bag.

Why is it that more people complain infront of me saying "Oh I havent' seen my boyfriend in two days" "I haven't texted him all evening, woe is me" "I haven't seen my boyfriend since this morning and we live together so I see him every day but I feel like complaining anyway so people think I have it real tough".

They do this on purpose. Knowing what I'm going through.

Well I haven't seen my AIRMAN in over two weeks! I haven't hugged him in at least 14 days! I haven't been able to even kiss him in over 336 hours! And I miss him with everything I have. They don't see me going around complaining trying to get attetion from everyone. But I know that this will better our future together. And it will be worth while.

I love you Aaron Michael.
ladyalverez ladyalverez
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 18, 2011

trust me I had to stop hanging out with certain girls because they would drive me insane with this ****. By Airmen just Got out of basic so i now how you feel. It is hard but it was so worth it and worth the wait! Best of luck.

This will happen a lot! It happens to me all the time! It also bugs me when people argue with their bfs over the stupidest stuff!! I'm like well if my man was here the last thing I'd be doing is b****ing at him for something that won't matter an hour from now! Chill out and enjoy time with your man cuz time is precious!!! BUT @ladyalverez we just have to grin and bear it! We must show those ladies how strong we are! We have to be the bigger person and kill them with kindness...OR you could tell them off in a really nice way so they won't even know what hit them! The second one makes you feel a lot better haha!