HE's Leaving Soon

I just found this site and hope it can help me deal with my fiancee's depolyment to Iraq. We have been together for 4 years and the longest we have ever been away from each other was when he was at basic  and ait . we found out in decmember that his reserve unit is on alert and  there is a 90% chance that they will be deploying to Iraq in may and will be gone a year. if anyone has any words of encorgement plz let me know.


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My boyfriend and I are starting up a website dedicated to providing support for those hurting or have hurt someone. We are new to the non-profit world. <br />
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I am a veteran and my boyfriend is currently serving so we can totally identify and we absolutely want to be a support for this community. <br />
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We are in search of positive mentors that can aid the ailed by sharing their stories, their recovery and act as a mentor. Do you think there is any way you would want to share your story with us to share with people going through this.<br />
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Respectfully<br />
Rachel Pijlman<br />
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take a deep breath! thats what u need to do. when i found out my fiance was deploying i literally fell to the ground in tears. its a waste of time. everyday u spend sad and mad is one day less you have with him. you have till may so you have time, enjoy it. and 90 isnt that bad. pray everynight for that ten percent!! lol Keep yourself busy. do fun things when u get down. watch way to many chic flicks and shopp for hours. do everything u cant do when he is home cuz he will complain, you will get thru it. and when you get sad which you will talk to people who are going through it, and who have been there<br />
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keep your head up<br />

well im getting ready for a deployment but i think the best advice is to keep busy and whenever you get sad or worried and hav nothing to do you should come to this site i think its great help....and well illl add on, ill b rite here if you need somethin