The Letter....

I finally got a letter & Im so happy infact I got two ! The first one he wrote on the 19th of agust & he ended it with miss & love you , but the second one was written on the21st of august ( two days later) & he ended with Friend & mom says that hes just delirious from all the training...but Im afraid that Im now...Im just a friend...
danimassiveattack danimassiveattack
2 Responses Aug 25, 2011

That is kinda odd but don't let it get to you. Keep writing to him like nothing is wrong because nothing is so far. What does it say in the letter? Does he talk about loving you? Are you guys officially together? I wouldn't worry about it. Just wait for more letters and see how it goes. I wish you the best.

I haven't read your whole situation. But I've gotten tons of letters from my bf the past few months and every one is signed different. I think he just tries to mix things up and tries not to bore me..don't read too far into it <3