Army Girlfriend

ok idk what to say here but ill start with tellin you my name. my names stephanie my gfs name is paula and she is in the army. she is leavin in october for iraq. we have not been together very long but this is my first deployment. im 19 and so is she. im so scared. its march now not to much longer left. im so so so so scared. i dont wanna lose her. i listen to songs and they dont help me very much. so im on here to find help and caring friends. and yes i am gay and so is my gf. so our relationship is kinda hush hush.

gayarmygirlfriend gayarmygirlfriend
1 Response Mar 17, 2008

Hey my girlfriend is in AIT, i kinda know hat your going through with the hush hush relationsip so if you ever wanna talk email me!!