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Hey I am new to this whole thing. I am not really sure how this works. I am new to the military girlfriend thing too and I am still trying to figure out how that works...hahahaha well I figured that out I mean I am still understanding how the waiting thing works hahaha. I moved from my friends and they didn't understand so we are not really on good terms because I chose my BF instead. Oh well they should not have been so lame. Anyway, so now I am starting a new life in a new place. My Boyfriend is on deployment so I came to stay with my mom for a couple of months in Orlando and I will move back to Washington in June. My boyfriend will not be home until October. lame lame lame I am currently looking for a temp job in Orlando. That is about it. So this is me if anyone knows how crapy it is to be stuck in a temporary place knowing you have something amazing to look forward to but, you can't get to it I praise you. I had no idea that women were doing this. Don't get me wrong I love him enough to wait for years I am just saying if you have are seasoned at this you are very strong.  Well so this is me if you see me on here commenting it is me! KT

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I am a little over a year in to my military relationship. My man was training from early march till the end of june and then was gone... I miss him sooooooo much, and this past year has been incredibly hard but I am looking at the home stretch! He will be stateside very very soon and home shortly after that I hope. My family didn't understand why I would put myself through it, and the few friends I have either don't support our relationship or have just stopped talking to me cause he is all I ever think and talk about. The way I see it, we are stronger as a couple because of the deployment. We grew on a more intimate level rather than a purely physical one. Not gonna lie, I will probably be all over him the second I see him and I won't stop touching him in some way, shape, or form for a while... lol. But if you wanna talk or even just vent, I am here. OK? :)

I am sorry your friends didn't understand. i know how that can be.<br />
the army thing is kinda of confusing.. i wish you much luck..and if you need anyone to talk to i am here.<br />
i am at the moment playing the waiting game..since he just left for iraq...<br />
but much luck to you.

Thanks wow Texas and MINN are so far apart. I wish you luck too. It is so out of reach well I am off again today on a job hunt. woohoo it sucks.....hahahaa thanks for the luck.