My fiance is coming home tonight. He only gets to stay until sunday but thats okay. Well 40 days down so far and after this visit he goes to a new tech so there will be 40 more days until he graduates. But sadly i wolnt see him until June or July.
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I have started a support page for all military girlfriends and wives. Most people from this site are on there, it's much easier to communicate and show support with each other on there. Check them out, I am also looking for a few new admins to help out :)<br />
<br />

I already am apart of that group ;)

I hope you guys had a good weekend! :)<br />
Mine comes home in about 5 weeks from the desert.<br />
He's been gone for 6 months but I haven't seen him for a year or so.<br />
Fingers crossed. :P

It was an amazing weekend! Oh my goodness, I give major props to you. Two or three months is so hard for me. I dread the day I have to let him go for a year or so.

Thanks. :P
It gets easier. Little by little.

I have a friend their @ fort leonardwood i just got word my boyfriend probably wont get to come home he got red carded if he scores a 85 on his test monday he may get to come but we arent sure

Oh really?

Oh no.. I hope he gets to come home :)

Aww my boyfriend is in tech school. He is coming home for the weekend next weekend he should get here friday and he has to go back on monday.. Where is your man ? and where is he going next?

Thats good :)

He is at Wright Patterson, OH right now but he is being cross trained at Fort leonard wood, Missouri next week. I just can not wait to find out where his first duty station will be. Now that he has a new job i do not know any thing about it so it scares me a little.