My Highschool Sweetheart Deploying To Afghanistan :(

Hello Everyone! I recently joined this group because my boyfriend of 4 years, Nathan, is being deployed to Afghanistan in a couple weeks. I am a second year student at The Ohio State University and we met when I was a sophomore in high school! I've been with him through basic training, tech school, his first tour in Iraq, and now he is preparing to leave for 6 months in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is currently stationed in New Jersey and being from Ohio, I am used to being away from him as we've been through a lot together, but this upcoming deployment is by far the most nerve racking. I have learned to be strong and get by day to day just by hearing his voice, but you can only be as strong as your weakest moment. The day he leaves i'm sure will be my weakest moment. I am nervous, scared, sad, among so many more emotions that are going through my head. The only thing I pray for is that my high school sweetheart comes home to me safe and sound. This is my story and I hope and know there are others out there with similar experiences or situations. I hope you all can help me be strong and get me through this rough time as I'm convinced that I am more scared than he is! My thoughts and prayers go out to all who know and love these amazing men and women fighting for our country!
kwillis7 kwillis7
18-21, F
Mar 28, 2012