Sad :( Miss My Love . Military Girlfriend

my name is tyteanna and i just turned 18 yrs old. my boyfriend just turned 21 in april , we have been taking since nov .of 2011 and i love him sooo much . im very perticular of what guy come in my life so for him to and be soo wonderful has been amazing . we decided to get together wen i come of age i was only 17 and he 20 and i didnt want to upset my mom. so wen i turned 18 in feb we made it offical . He came to see me for first time on the 15th of feb and again in march . ive only seen him 4times but we talk and texted on the phone alot . And he loves me and i love him . we have talked about marriage and family . and being together, he left for bootcamp training in early april and wont get back until sep -oct .22 weeks there and no calls or letters till certian time of month. its sooo hard for me cuase i miss him soooo much . and its just really hard for me right now . worring wat hes doing and safe and im going to collage in another year . but im afraid to go outt of state. i just want to be with him and live on base maybe to just get to see him and be informed of things . but you have to be a wife and im just a girlfriend :( im going to hang on and wait till he comes home becuae i love him and wonted live him ive told him that and hed never do anything to hurt me he wants to be with me . soo soon he will be back here with me . i cant wait . ;(
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I am sorry you guys had to wait to be together but just think if he waited for you before you can wait for him now. I have never heard of a guy doing that for a girl and with the college thing once you graduate high school dont post pone your plans because once you stop you may never go back. I have been with my soldier for 2 years and 7 months and after i graduate high school on june 9 instead of going out of state or even to a four year college i am going to a community college. You may want to look into it because to me the sooner i am done with school or atleast my first two years the sooner i can really begin my life with him. GOOD LUCK!!! You are gonna need it.

its a hard life being a military gf/wife/ but we have to stay strong for them. i miss my soldier more everyday. it may seem like forever till you get to see him. try to stay busy. if you don't want to go to college out of state then find one closer to home.. but don't give up on that just because you're afraid that you will lose time with him. it will help the time go by faster.