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Hi my name is miranda sexton i have an amazing boyfriend who i am head over heels for he takes me every where buys me things i couldnt imagine he takes me on dates calls me beautiful and comes over every single day. One thing though.... on august 12 he is leaving to go into the service he has training in missori for 30 weeks and then he comes back for ten days and he leaves for germany. there is no doubt in my mind that i am going to stay with him because i will and he wants to stay with me to. ill still get to talk to him everyday and see him 30 days out of the year.... but i need help learning now how to cope with the emotional stress that will occur while he is away i know all i will think about is him and i will probably cry endless tears. is there anything i can to do assure myself he will be okay and be home in 4 years how can i deal with this soon to be emotional rollercoaster?
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Yea... other girls don't know what we go through.... and i hate when they try to compare our relationships to there's... its not the same!!! Lol and i know exactly what you go through.... I cry and I'm sad alot as well but I gotta suck it up and be strong but I do break down when I'm completely alone because its when I feel the loneliness... its really tough what we go through... my mans been in the desert for 2 months now and I miss him very much but he does so great at communicating with me which really helps... and yes its much better to be gone a year come back and leave again although it'll be tough its much better than 4 years... continue to be strong and keep your head up girl!! We got your back!! :-) feel free to message me anytime!! :-)<br />
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Thank you (:

Keep busy!! From Germany he'll be able to Skype you and have way better service than the desert. And if you can't Skype you can always voxer too. You'll get better with your coping abilities over time... at first it'll be tough and you may even cry... but remember that your not alone.... we all go through it... you can probably even send him care packages every now and then... just sending him cute little things... or snack foods that he can't get there... I'm not sure if they have the same type of snack foods here... and just keep strong girl!! You'll get through it and before you know it the time will fly by fast...

atleast people on here will be there for me, other girls dont understand that cry after not seeing their boyfriends after like 2 weeks. thanks for that it helps to hear from someone who knows how it is. i found out yesterday that he will only be gone a year and a half and then he comes back for a year and leaves again for a year. that sounds a lot better then him being gone four years im sure it will all be okay he will be there fighting for me and i need to be here and fight for him and get through all the crying and sadness so i can make the most of what he is doing for this country.