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Hi my name is miranda sexton i have an amazing boyfriend who i am head over heels for he takes me every where buys me things i couldnt imagine he takes me on dates calls me beautiful and comes over every single day. One thing though.... on august 12 he is leaving to go into the service he has training in missori for 30 weeks and then he comes back for ten days and he leaves for germany. there is no doubt in my mind that i am going to stay with him because i will and he wants to stay with me to. ill still get to talk to him everyday and see him 30 days out of the year.... but i need help learning now how to cope with the emotional stress that will occur while he is away i know all i will think about is him and i will probably cry endless tears. is there anything i can to do assure myself he will be okay and be home in 4 years how can i deal with this soon to be emotional rollercoaster?
MirandaJoyce16 MirandaJoyce16
13-15, F
May 5, 2012