My Story<3 And By The Way Thanks Army Girlfriends!

I met my man about 6 months before we started dating, i had a little crush on him but i didnt show it i though it was to good to be. I was defiantly wrong! One day he asked me if i wanted to hangout of course i had said yes. so the next day he got dropped off on my street and we talked for a while i was so incredibly nervous and so was he, he kept tapping his foot and fingers but i didnt think anything of it. One of his hands said are you sure with a question mark so i asked to see his other hand but he refused to let me see it so i let it go. He was telling me a story and stood up, after the story he held up his other hand and it said "will you be my girlfriend" i said yes and he showed me his other hand that said are you sure again i said yes and he lifted his shirt and his chest said am i soposed to kiss you know? i nodded and was blushing i was so happy!

I knew he was going into the military when i met him but the day he asked me out i didnt think about it i was so happy, but soon enough the topic came up that he was leaving for bootcamp on august 12th. I was sad but i though about it and i could write him and talk to him on the phone after basic. One night my parents asked me to invite him to dinner and i did. After dinner he asked me if i would step outside and talk to him for a minuet, i was so worried it would be something bad but he told me that after advanced he could come home for ten days and then he was getting deployed. I admit i couldnt stop crying and it was so sad but as the days get closer for him to leave i start to cherish every moment i have with him.
I mean he will go and fight for me and this country and when we get back i have the rest of our lives ahead of me, he is the best guy i could ever ask for and gives me anything i ever wanted, he treats me like a princess and most importantly i love him with all of my heart <3 i want to thank all of the other army girlfriends that have been here for me when i get upset i can just come here and spill my heart out and i get good advise and can read storys of people i really relate to i wish all of you the best of luck in the hard times you may face but just remember how amazing it is to say that your man is a military man <3
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Awww! That was the cutest thing how he ask you out :) I wish you the best! If anything just message me I'll try to help you in anyway that I can. Even though I haven't pass through bootcamp (my bf leaves Sept.) yet but I'll still help you :)

thank you (: i wish you the best if you need anything just message me it will be around the same time they leave, so it will be easy to relate (:

Yes it will be :)