Ever since Coleton has got home we have been fighting a lot I  mean its his dad. He wont let me and Coleton have any time together. He always makes plans for him and Coleton everynight and Coleton doesnt get to come over. Its really making me mad because what he doesnt understand is I deserve time with Coleton because I didnt  have to wait and I still dont but I did and I will wait because I love him. But every time I bring the situation up it turns into a fight. I just dont know what to do. I dont want to lose him not after all we have been through im so scared
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He broke up with me today

Im so sorry to hear this! Family understands but then again they dont they miss him as much as you do, but im sure that the reason he is following through with the plans is because its his dad and he doesnt want to upset him. I completely understand why this would hurt your feeling it would hurt mine to but try to be understanding thats all you can do. I know you guys will make it us military girlfriends are almost as strong as our men and he loves you clearly or he wouldnt have stayed with you when he left just keep your head up if you need anything message me im here, i have that same problem with my boyfriend and him not trying to see me that much but it will only get better i promise i wish you guys the best just keep your head up and be strong things can only get better from here!