May 8th,2012 My Boyfriends Leaves

My boyfriend just left to military training, i miss him so much, i cry every night knowing his not in bed with me or waking up next to him..i want this to be over soon.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Im sorry if you need anything you can message me, my boyfriend leaves in august. I cant even imagine how hard it is or will be but i promise you as time goes on it will get way better! He will be able to call you in advanced or skype you but in basic you can always write him im sure he would love to see your letters! On the bright side just remember that after training he will probably be coming home for a few days and you need to cherish that time and dont let your emotions get the best of you just remember it his dream and support is all you can give(: i wish you the best message me if you need to talk!

its going to be very hard once he leaves.. i think its hard for me right now since i miss not seeing him at home. he only gets to call once a week or it depends if they let him.. but the call is so quick you cant really ask much just say i love you and hope his being good. after training he as to go to tech school until oct. or nov. he will be back home before he leaves to base. trust me right now try to spend as much time as you can with your boyfriend because it goes by too fast and once there gone time passes by too just trying to be strong and dont think about the time cuz then it gets me more sad knowing that it just been a week seen hes been gone.

im here if you need anything, and your right your not alone but there are so many people on here that will get you through it i wish you the best of luck and i will defiantly take advantage of every moment i get to see him. To tell the truth i cry even now just reading comments that people post on my stories and other peoples storys its hard to think about but we are all here for you. Stay strong it will only get better girl!