Two Wrongs Made A Right, A Right We Call Out Fairytale

Married mother of two here at the time this story begins. My life seemed perfect, so I thought. Great family, great home, great career and a very close bff. My bff and I work together, same shift, same schedule and we live one road apart. She is like family. We know and love each others entire extended family and attend each others family functions. I remember when I heard about her nephew B joining the army. His wife and son went with him to Hawaii. I kept up with him thru various family members. When they returned for r and r the first time, his wife informed him that she and her son would not be returning because she was homesick. He was devastated but as you know, he is government property and had no choice but to return alone. Soon after, he deployed to Iraq. He sent her flowers each week so she had something to look at on her desk to remind her of him and his love. He found out on Valentines Day via phone records that she was cheating on him. There he was, alone in a war zone, surrounded by nothing but guns and devastation, not a friend in the world to pat him on the shoulder or hug to just simply hear "everything is gonna be ok " I knew about all of this and felt his pain deeply and so desperately wanted to help him. I reached out to him via facebook sending him daily words of encouragement and quotes, pictures of his son etc reminding him to "keep up your head soldier!". I became his cheerleader so to speak. He told me my words meant more than any other because he knew they were genuine and I wasnt like family members saying the usual cliches. He told me one specific quote pulled him out of a very dark place. Then one day, out of know where I was hit! My "perfect" marriage of 13 yrs collapsed before my eyes. I too discovered my husband was cheating on me. I was blindsided and not coping well and thats when B and I switched roles....he became my cheerleader. This happened to me in March, nearly one month from the day he found out about his cheating wife. Rollercoaster after rollercoaster, we continued to seek each other for support advice heck just to have a listening ear. My husband left my house finally in July and ten days later, my solider came home from IRAQ. We kept telling each other we would see to it we would have a reason to smile again. Little did we know we would have millions. All this talking we felt so close yet hadnt seen each other in a couple years and then we were both happily married, just knew this first hug was going to be akward. It was anything but. We were drawn together like a magnetic force and even before words were exchanged, a magical kiss was in full effect. I cant explain it, that wasnt even the intention. We were virtually inseparable during his 30 day stay. We barely slept any. We talked about life, love, war, betrayal and everything else. We were feeding off of each others energy and didnt want to sleep in fear of missing something. My youngest daughter noticed the smiles she hadnt seen in months and she and her two friends started playing matchmakers. They gave us surveys and set up a different date night in each room. They recreated a prom for us. There we stood slow dancing in my bedroom, emptied of all furniture from the divorce, and savoring every moment. Total eye contact kept, my lip involuntarliy started quivering wanting his kiss so much. Our kids bonded as we all did, while all the major ex drama was going on, it now all seemed minimal. We went to a concert did some crazy YOLO stuff and had the most amazing time during what was supposed to be horrific times. Purely magical, until he had to leave. I have never felt such a loss or cried so much. We cried together so much the night before and didnt sleep. I still remember watching his truck pull away. I felt like i was going to collapse and returned to my utter alone state again. We both felt it was love but that would be crazy right!? He returned to me in Dec for two weeks and confessed our love for one another and temporarily I had my fairytale back until again on Jan3, Uncle Sam ripped him away from me. I was stronger this time. Didnt cry the night before. Held it in until the final goodbye and that was the most emotional breakdown I have ever had. I cried for 2 days straight. I love him. He loves me and these departures are toture and the time and distance is worse, but it is beyond worth it. So here I sit tonight, watching my homemade slideshows, sending him Voxers and hoping to Skype...and watching my countdown because my soulmate is returning to me in 22 days! Only for a brief while as usual but we will def make the most of it. I stay up all night because of the five hour time zone difference, I go to bed alone, and feel like people think I have an imaginary boyfriend. This is not what we chose us. We dont know alot of the hows whens wheres etc, we just know it includes each other. He will be restationed soon because he just reenlisted. Hoping for much closer. At this point anything beats a 12 hour flight and different time zone. Day by day one at a time, we will figure it out because we are army strong!
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Yes... one day at a time. Have faith in yourself, believe you CAN succeed! Keep your self positive, energetic and involved with good people. Wish you all the best!

You have a future. Your world is bright and you are full of life. LIVE. Face the problems with your ex... be the support for your friend as he faces his ex. Face each other and your kids honestly. You will get through it all. When all that is done, take your time (don't need a rebound that is bad). See if with this magical man there is something substantial, that will keep the two of you happy for the rest of your lives.

Thanks so so much. Exactly what we are doing. Right now would be ecstatic for just a kiss. One day at a time

Thanks so much for your input