I'm A Lesbian And My Girlfriend Just Shipped Out For The Navy

My girlfriend Marissa and I have been together since 11-27-2011. She enlisted into the Navy and swore in before we started dating. I have been out about being gay for 5 years. I have a daughter who Marissa has built such a great relationship with. I have never fallen in love before not even as a high school fling or crush. I was in love with the idea of being in love but never truly experienced it. . So when I met Marissa I knew she was the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life, and she felt the same, she never knew the things we shared together we even truly possible to feel. Our relationship has been like a romance movie you watch and wish you had someone like that. Over the 5 months we shared before she shipped out we built a healthy foundation and our trust. We had started to plan our lives together and what our hopes and dreams are, are almost identical. Marissa is truly my better half. I knew her being gone would be hard, but I never expected it to be as hard on me as it has been. I don't know what to do to ease the pain, and hurt. And I now have so much respect for every military wife because now I truly understand what it is like for them, and I'm living the same experience. My family is not supportive of what I am going through. They are convinced I am in a "PHASE" and the usual ignorant behaviors of family members that simply can not come to terms with hearing their close loved relative is gay. I have no one here anymore to be by my side and share my days with, and to comfort me and give advice. I find myself in depressed states and decided it was time for me to join a support group. So here I am on experience project and I'm hoping someone can help me deal with all the emotions and overwhelming feelings I now hold.
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I am actually going through the the same thing. my girlfriend enlisted in 2014 and we met about 10 2 months ago.

I about to o through this all with my girlfriend (wifey) and i'd love to know someone or a group that can help. I've tried to find other couples that have gone through it and to hang out with them more and try to get into friendships where they can help keep me busy. I'll be going through two years of missing her then who knows if she will be put on a ship or not. She's hoping for a ship but im kinda wishing otherwise but also want her to have her dreams come true to travel. kik me jennmurphy690

I am going through the same exact thing. Me and my girlfriend met after she decided to join the airforce. She'd never been in love before. Her family doesn't know about us neither does mine. Her family is very religious and they don't believe in gay marriage, apparently neither does the federal government. Right now, even though we are still together, I can't stop myself from being pessimistic, She signed up for 6 years. Six years, and I can't move with her, because even if we get married I won't be recognized as a spouse. What if she meets someone else? What if she decides it's too much for her? I have no idea how this will work, all I know is I love her. I just want her to be happy and I miss her like crazy....:( I love her so much...

My name is kalie and I'm leaving for the army in September, see the problem. I have is that me and my girlfriend both are joining, I'm so scared that we won't be able to see each other and we may drift apart. I'm so scared. :(

I dont know if you have found a way to ease your pain but if you have please share it with me. I am in a very similar situation and I am going crazy. My wife and I have been together since December 2012, we got married in March of this year and we are in the middle of her adopting my son. She left for boot camp on May 16th. Since she has been gone I cry everyday. I think the worst possible thoughts. I have some good moments but alot bad. Not hearing from her is so hard. The only thing I can do to get through is look at pictures and read old letters and cards. I write to her all the time and I still post things on her facebook, I just hope I can get through this. I still have a ways to go. So if you figure out a way to ease the hurt please share!! and good luck to you..keep your head up!

Once you start getting letters it helps. I got four from her in one day. I missed her phone call cause I was at a friends graduation! Keep your phone by you AT ALL times! And never have it on silent! Volume all the way up! And know she WILL call!! I missed a 30 minute phone call because of it! I have not found any online support for a lesbian couple so I have had to deal with it internally. I have found some things that help, but some days are harder then others, some nights I have nightmares and wake up crying, others I have sweet dreams. It is the luck of the draw!

I know exactly how you feel. i have not been able to find any other lesbian couples either. how long has your girlfriend been gone? I know today is the first sunday my wife should be able to write. doesnt help much that tomorrow is a holiday with no mail!! but i hope i get something from her soon. i got that box and all that did was make me cry.

Hey there :) First off, I can relate to how you feel. When my boyfriend left for basic training for the National Guard it sucked. It gets easier though. I wouldn't say the pain and loneliness goes away, but it gets easier to deal with. First three weeks or so are definitely the worst. After you start getting letters and phone calls that helps a lot too. The best advice I can give you is to keep your head up, stay busy, and know that it'll all be worth it when you see her again :)