2 Months Gone On Tour And Help For Heroes.

My boyfriend has currently been out on tour in afghanistan for nearly 2 months now! I have managed to keep myself busy to not think about it. I hear from him almost every day by email, however I have not from him for the past couple of days. It's weird going from hearing to suddenly not. So much crosses your mind especially as his batallion have lost quite a few men recently. It is hard to imagine what they all must be going through. I just pray to god he is safe!

I show to him that I am strong, however I can feel myself starting to crack. Maybe it has just hit me properly and I've already booked a night away for when he comes back on leave. My emotions are so mixed up.

Today I done fundraising for Help for Heroes charity and I have decided I will continue to do all that I can to help. It is a good way of keeping yourself busy and makes you proud of your loved one, especially as I had people coming up to me and asking me about my guy and lovely words were said by many, which just fills your heart with warmth. It was also so good to be around other people who know exactly what you are going through and you can talk about feelings and get face to face advice and support! So different to talking to them that it is to your friends at home who don't understand what you are going through !

I recommend it!!

All the best to you and your loved ones!!
Our guys are our heroes. x
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Hey! Thank you both for your comments! I got into it through their website as they had as event going, but you can fundraise in all different ways for them but I reccoment to even just have a look at the website. <br />
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Yeah I managed to get hold of him and it was because one of his comrades had been killed. He was on the phone in tears and admitted to me how horrible it has gotten where he is and they that are being shot at everyday and stuff. Would rather not of known haha but they were advised to inform us of the situation.. <br />
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Yeah that is so true! Such a good quote to go by ( Marinegf) <br />
Thank you very much! I will continue to keep positive!! Nice to know others are in the same situation ! <br />
Hope all is well with both of you and good luck with it all ! <br />

That sounds awesome!! I'm definitely going to look into it not that I don't already have a full plate... lol but sounds like something so rewarding...
And I'm sorry to hear about your man... I'll be keeping them all in my prayers.... and my man I'm so thankful to hear from him... and i give you much respect for being so strong... I'm so over it... and they should all just come back home already.... sigh...

Wow that's awesome so great of you!! I should get into that... how would I start?? My boyfriend is also deployed for 2 months now and he messages me through voxer almost everyday... and the times I don't hear from him I start to freak out... but it could be that he had to fill in for replacement or the internet is down... always remember no news is good news even though it sucks to think that way....

I'm going through the exact same thing as you, mine is deployed as well and I do hear from him through the internet and then there are some days that I don't hear from him. I as well try not to worry, sometimes they're just busy even if they're not out on missions. So I wouldn't try to worry so much, I know better said then done, but keep up the positive attitude and definitely continue to keep busy. I definitely can relate with emotions being a complete mess, some days I wake up fine and others I don't wanna deal with anyone!