Loving Him From Afar

My soldier and I have known each other since high school. we connected in September of 2010 while he was stationed in Afghanistan. we talked everyday he could before he went to bed online. spending hours he should have been sleeping building a love that would shock and scare us both. he came home 2 months later in November. i couldn't wait to finally see him. a week before i was supposed to meet him in georgia he told me he couldn't stand this long distance relationship. so we broke it off. after the first of the year he emailed me wanting to try again. i met up with him. he spent the day with me and my son. he came to visit us for the weekend. he bonded with my little boy. and the impression has never left my son.

we split again and up until 2 months ago we didn't speak. i missed him terribly and continued to love him with all of my heart. he emailed me in march of this year wanting to talk. we have emailed, text, and talked everyday since. he wants to start a family with me and my son and has never stopped loving us as i have never stopped loving him. i am excited and terrified at the same time. i have always been proud of who he is and what he does for his country. he is a hero to me and my little boy. <3
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Your story was very touching to me... I have to say your very strong woman to deal with that... best thing for you to do follow your heart... also do what's best for you and your child... theirs a lot mixed emotions and hopefully you guys will sort it out...goodluck :)