One Week And Two Days

Its been a week and two days since my airman left to military feels like it was just yesterday seeing him leave..the time is going by too slow. but i finally receive one call from him and told me hes doing fine and loves me a lot..that made me feel much better and not stress out anymore. its hard not seeing him everyday or hearing his voice everyday, being a military girlfriend(soon to be wife) its very hard.
jperez011611 jperez011611
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I totally understand how you feel. My boyfriend left May 15th and I just got a call but missed it. They haven't even sent an address have you gotten your boyfriends yet?

that call that you missed was the one he can give you the address and he probably wont call you unitl one week later.. the same night my bf left he called me at mid night and gave me the address then had to hang up, then he didnt call me one week later. sorry to hear that you missed his call..i was scared that i was going to miss his call so i couldnt sleep the whole night. but you will get a call from him some time soon.