He's The Only Thing That Matters

Ive been with my boyfriend for 9 months and he's due to deploy to afghan in 3 months, it's been so hard for me and him because I can never see him on a regular basis and many weekends he doesn't have the transport or money to come home which is 139 miles away from where we live, it's hard for him because he's fell out with his parents and his mum would rather see him dead so he has no one to depend on apart from me, he's so upbeat about going but I know it's only because he doesnt want to see me upset , I on the other hand find it really hard and find myself breaking down cause I know I'll miss him so much and that I'd die if the worst happened to him, I just want him to be safe.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

My boyfriend is due to deploy in about 3 months too. I'm scared as hell but I truly love him and will find a way to make it work as I'm sure you will too. Keep your head up you'll make it :)

Keep your head up girl!! You'll be surprised how much he'll be able to communicate with you... may not be the same as in person but its the best we can get. And yea it sucks but it'll go by faster then you think..... my mans been there for 2 1/2months now and its much easier then the beginning... I still my cry at night sometimes from feeling lonely but i brush it off by the morning time and i start a new day... you'll learn your coping skills and it'll get easier for you... the most you can do for him is stand by him and support him... and sending care packages is fun. Just sent my man one today!! :-) if you have any questions or want to vent just message me. :-)<br />
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