Its only been a week since my boyfriend left for basic training at Ft.Leonard Wood, but its probably been the longest week of the past eight months. We've been together since then, spending practically every moment together. We graduated form high school last year and finally the timing was right for us. We fell in love and now he's off doing his thing being a soldier and I'm home just wishing they woud send me an address just to know that he can get my letters. Its the worst feeling in the world when you can't communicate with your best friend, but I finally got a phone call today...and I missed it. I was driving home and my music was too loud and when I finally heard my ringtone I was just a second too late. You can just imagine my face now, and I am not a pretty crier. Worst feeling in my life. Being so close, and missing the chance to hear him say he loves me. I just can't resist the urge to tell him how much I miss him in the couple letters I've written (and not been able to send) but I've only said it like twice, lol so I think he'll be ok. sigh. I just had to get that off my chest to girls who understand how I feel cause my mom and friends don't even come close. Words of awesomness would be appreciated. :P

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Thanks,you ladies are truly amazing! Just hearing your stories and words of encouragement made me feel so much better! I'm sure I'll be able to survive a couple more months and then some more when he leaves to AIT, all you need is love right? Lol

Hey girl, my boyfriend will be gone for 18 months for a DoD training...when I told my family and friends he was leaving for that long just a couple of them said words of encouragement, the rest just looked at me saying "are you crazy? You guys are not gonna make it, long distance relationships never workout" Ha...little that they knew! we only have 3 more months to go and the both of us are so in love still and i'm sure it will be just the same with you guys...I also know that even if it's for a minute that we get to hear their voices that minute is the happiest of our lives so I know exactly how you feel but hang in there cause you have all of us here to cheer you up! :)