if i had one wish

My boyfriend has been gone to basic training for the navy 6days ago and I've been feeling so depressed, u tell myself don't think about him and he will get home faster but it hurts not seeing his face everyday... :)
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

stay positive! i know its hard, i went through this a few months ago. BUT in the letters you write to your boyfriend, be his motivator! He needs to know you are ok so he can stop worrying and focus on what he is doing. Being second to the Navy is hard, but its part of supporting the person you love! Stay strong, and write as much as possible. You will probably write more than you receive letters but the ones you get treasure! I hope and pray that you will be ok during these next 8 weeks while you are away from your boyfriend. in A school he can have a phone! hold on to all your memories with him, hold your head up and be proud to be a navy girlfriend! It is hard but do-able. if you are religious, take this time to deepen your faith. :) message me anytime if you need help

Yea i know what you mean... I've never been through basic training but I'm going through a deployment.... its tough stuff what we do... and you don't necessarily have to try to stop thinking about him.... just try to keep busy... take up new hobbies or volunteer somewhere... or even start writing him letters.... but keep your head up girl!! You'll get through it and it'll go by faster than you think....