Any Pre-advice For Me? National Guard Boyfriend, And I'm Going To Be A Marine.

My best friend of four years, and more recently my boyfriend joined the National Guard. He ships off for basic in 40 days, after his training of three months he will be sent to his MOS school. All together 9 months.
I am shipping off to basic after my year of DEP for the Marine Corps.
There will be an over-lay for us of about.. three-four months.
Then after that we won't see each other for a year or more.

ANY SUGGESTIONS for keeping things the strongest they can be.
We both respect and encourage each others decision very strongly, We're just worried about the time.
What do you girls do to keep your relationship strong while you're apart?
I can't imagine I'm the only girl in this situation.
Thank you so much.
Any reply helps.
Thescientistalyssa Thescientistalyssa
1 Response May 24, 2012

Well I'm not sure about your situation because I'm not in the military but he is deployed so we ate separated. And what works is COMMUNICATION!!!! We send pics all the time his service sucks to much for Skype but he calls about once a week and we use voxer. You also gotta throw some romance in there for those real lonely nights if you know what I mean.... lol but good luck to the both of you and congrats!!