Fort Leonard Wood

Does anyone have a boyfriend or s/o at Fort Leonard Wood for BCT?
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Mine just left a week ago for Fort Leonard Wood... He has OSUT there so he is going to be there awhile. How did you find the Facebook page of their platoon?

You know there are pages on Facebook that keep you updated and post pictures and stuff. It's really cool and you get to talk with other girlfriends moms finances that have their soldier in the same platoon.

lol yea i look on their websites like everyday to see if there are any new updates and even if there aren't any i still get on

Yep! He graduates late August :)

mine is going to be on his 5th week

my boyfriend is there now, he's in his 7th week:)

I beilive my boyfriend is going to be going there for basic training..

Yes, my boyfriend is going there for basic training. He leaves on the 14th of August..